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Therefore one example of the use. The competences of our specialists the scope of support and examples of cloud applications which include data storage – this is a common reason why companies move data to the microsoft cloud. Processing customer data in business and their security is a key foundation in ensuring a professional image of your company. Using the azure cloud as your data storage is a great choice. Azure cloud storage is an excellent choice for a stable and modern infrastructure. Internet of things – devices for smart homes is still a dynamically developing market that fits perfectly into the idea of the internet of things iot.

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The azure cloud opens up completely new opportunities for companies in this industry and allows you to implement scalable and productive solutions regardless of whether you are just starting your work in the iot area or have been designing such Pastors in the US Email List solutions for several years. Mobile applications – developing testing and deploying smartphone applications requires creating the right environment that will scale with your business.  of microsoft azure is to use the cloud to reach users of various systems and platforms such as android ios xamarin react native unity and cordova. In the second part of the workshop we will focus on the technical aspects of the microsoft azure cloud.

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Piotr kalinowski from chmurowisko.Pl will talk among others what is infrastructure as code iac how the serverless model works how to analyze big Ghana WhatsApp Number data using azure how to manage azure ad b c identity. Are you interest in participating in the training register for the azure in practice.Where to set up an email address for your company april | entry updat april effective work is not possible without a good e-mail service .  always ask which solution to choose for their own business.

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