The worst and at the same time

The worst and at the same time Registry Lock – a new service at will protect your .pl domain name against takeover July | ENTRY UPDAT August Is your domain name one of the most valuable assets your company has Are you building your brand thanks to it It’s worth protecting it from interception! .pl Registry Lock is a new service offer by in cooperation with NASK. This is a block at the level of the main domain registry which will protect your name with the .pl extension against unauthoriz transfer updates or even deletion of the paid .domain.

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Table of Contents Hide . What are the risks associat with a domain name . What is .pl Registry Lock and .eu Registry Lock . How to use the Registry Lock service at What are the risks associat with a domain name Imagine that hackers or other unauthoriz parties gain access to the account you use to manage your domain name. What Peru Email List can they do the domain configuration or transfer it to another Registrar of their choice and change the data of the domain holder. As a result your company’s online image disappears within minutes and you lose the ability to manage your domain.

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You can simply call it the theft of the domain and therefore of the brand itself which you have carefully built over the years. Another type of abuse Peru Phone Number is rirecting the domain of an online store to a website of your choice and deriving financial benefits from it.  there is a risk of phishing i.e. deceiving users of the service product who display the website of a compromis domain – this is the easiest way to obtain confidential data and information about customers. extreme situation is the takeover of a domain and its subsequent deletion.

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