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The total number of boxes examin was. How many emails do poles receive daily download the report from the largest home. Pl study march | entry updat march are poles inundat with emails. How much time do we spend reading correspondence. Every day how is e-mail us in the era of instant messaging you will find answers. To these and other questions in the home.Pl report titl how do poles use e-mail boxes which was develop bas on the analysis of over . Million e-mail accounts. This is one of the largest studies on the polish internet. You can download the report in pdf format below.

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Table of contents hide . How many email boxes participat in the study .That do poles use e-mail boxes – fragment of the report. Now many email boxes participat in the study the study took into account only e-mail services bas entirely on the home.Pl server Journalist Email List infrastructure.mailboxes offer by home.Pl in microsoft and google workspace packages.  How do poles use e-mail boxes – fragment of the report in survey email users sent and receiv a total of over billion emails. According to home.Pl data a single user of the mailbox sends and receives messages per year.

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It should be borne in mind that some of the examin e-mail boxes are us for niche tasks and special campaigns. Some of them are creat only to support certain technical processes for example. The installation of an ssl certificate. Which Thailand Whatsapp Number is perform once a year. Of e-mails in an average entrepreneur’s everyday mailbox may increase to up to per day. Of course there are also company mailboxes where the number of emails sent and receiv on a typical business day exces . Agnieszka wojsznis head of customer development at home.

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