This is where we exhaust the topic

This is where we exhaust the topic The title there is a lead which in a few sentences should introduce the reader to the development which takes up the most space in a standard message. indicat in the introduction sticking to the so-call invert pyramid principle. It means that we should place the most important information at the beginning of the text moving on to less important but not irrelevant! content. This strategy is about ensuring that the journalist knows from the very beginning what we want to tell him.

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This way even if for some reason he stops reading halfway through he will be aware of what our e-mail was about and – perhaps – he will come back to it. It is also worth remembering another “Golden rule” of creating the so-call presses the so-call basically x w.  there are simply a few questions the answers to which the reader should find at the Iran Email List beginning of the information – preferably in the lead. Why w it’s easy! Who what when where why = who what when where whywhat for we end the press release with a signature necessarily including contact details e.G. Telephone number and a date which proves that the news is current.

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Journalists usually suffer from

We have additional materials e.G. Charts photos infographics we can attach them to the message but remember not to make our e-mail too “Heavy”. Nobody likes inboxes stuff with huge attachments. How long should a press release be the ideal Iran Phone Number List press release cannot be too long. lack of time and certainly will not devote their few free moments to reading multi-page messages. This does not mean however that the information should be as short as possible. They should be tailor As long as necessary.

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