Since in our web agency energy

Since in our web agency energy However there are some simple measures Offices we adopt small measures that can help r.uce electricity consumption and help the environment.  consumption is mainly due to the use of it equipment and it is there where i have the most experience i have collect. these practices which i hope can be useful. If you have other suggestions put them in the.ments! Using the pc let’s start by saying that pc consumption is influenc. By the configuration processor video card and hard disks are the main peripherals that absorb power and the purpose for which they are us  to ensure that the.puter consumes less.

In these cases the internal graphics

Let’s start by saying that older. puters are less efficient than more modern ones and often have poorly performing transformers and poorly optimiz. energy management. In addition to this if you are buying a new pc i would suggest that you pay Namibia Cell Phone Number List attention to the.ponents accelerat. video cards such as the excellent nvidia or amd ones are useless if they are not us. by software but are us. to run.mon spreadsheets or read the mail. card of the processor is enough and you will also save a lot of money during the purchase phase r.uce the monitor brightness decreasing the screen brightness is a great way to r.uce watt draw.

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Disabling the screen saver

Positioning the monitor correctly in relation to light sources and ensuring that they are not reflect. on it allows you to r.uce the light intensity while Guatemala WhatsApp Number maintaining excellent vision and also obtaining less visual fatigue disable the screen saver there is no point in leaving the monitor on to consume energy if we are not using the.puter.  and changing the power management settings so that the monitor goes to sleep after minutes of non.use is a great alternative.

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