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Share on: “A CRM in an association, but you don’t think about it” . And yet, the biggest “non-profits” (as the Americans say) use corporate sales tools and marketing techniques. And first of all the centralization of data via a CRM tool. But why would the latter be essential for an association? A CRM (Customer Relationship Management in VO) or CRM software in French (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that allows, among other things, a company to manage its customer relationship and centralize data while increasing productivity and the efficiency of commercial and marketing services. And for an association? Well it’s the same but to manage members, members, donors, donors or supporters. With beautiful fundraising reports, active members and project progress! To finally manage all its contacts in the same place Whether they are members, members, donors, donors, beneficiaries, partners or supporters,

An association manages a large

volume of contacts often and volunteers, and sometimes gathered in a good old spreadsheet, not necessarily up to date. With a CRM you can separate (segment) which are financial or institutional partners, all in real time with your collaborators. Including on the move and in complete safety. Because an Excel is not a CRM We have said it many times in our articles Bulk SMS Myanmar dedicated to CRM. Only 27% of companies have a CRM, the rest manage with a Google Sheet, a counterfoil book or a more or less up-to-date Excel file. Excel is an excellent spreadsheet. No doubts about it. Innumerable and infinite operations can be carried out there. But it is not a CRM. Because being in compliance with the GDPR is mandatory Where are you with the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation, better known by its acronym, RGPD (in English: General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), is the European reference text for the protection of personal data. Its provisions are directly applicable in all the 28 Member States of the European Union and therefore in Reunion, since

May We tell you

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about it here. Because you will save precious time Yes, a good, well-configured tool should help you gain in productivity BF Leads and efficiency. By centralizing all interactions (telephone, email, social networks, website, etc.) between a contact and your association, searching for and finding information becomes child’s play, without disturbing other employees or volunteers. You will no longer be able to say: “Maryse, who is up to date with the cotiz” “Who subscribed and clicked on the newsletter this week” “Someone sent them to the Town Hall invites them ‘from the conf’ of 28 “? “We have to warn the media and send them a CP….where is the up-to-date list of journalists?” “How many members do we have.

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