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Digitization or “digital transformation” should be on your mind and your common thread this year. for what ? Because the stakes are huge, because the consumer has changed the way he buys in B2C as he did in B2B.  too direct? Tell yourself that your competitors must have been working on this for months and that their strategy will surprise you. Many people think of “tools” before thinking of “vision, approach, goals, needs, and uses.” Selecting a tool without a prior strategy just because your competitors are using it is not in itself a critical success factor.

Today all companies thrive in a

Digital world, but not all are necessarily digital: the internet is a complex ecosystem that goes far beyond the siled and SMS Gateway Norway outdated websites we knew in the early 2000s. Information flows between websites, mobile applications, information portals, and is forwarded by social networks, television. Let’s take a look at your company’s digital tools below, according to the goals pursued: Tools to boost marketing strategy and sales In the first step of the leader’s goal podium, we find without surprise: the maintenance and growth of their campaigns.

As we’ve discussed repeatedly

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Your customers’ spending habits have gone digital. So should your contacts. To optimize customer relationship management, set up a CRM (customer relationship management) tool optimize-relation-client-digitalisation.jpeg Most CRM solutions (customer relationship management or BF Leads customer relationship management tools) include ones you’ve definitely heard of (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Sugar CRM, Odoo, Dolibarr, etc.) will give you real-time access from your computer, tablet or smartphone: Contact details of your contacts Opportunities Ongoing business Ongoing invoice reports and the last interaction a salesperson had with a prospect Various performance graphs (emails, phone calls, chats, social networks, visits to your website).

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