What are the advantages of paid

What are the advantages of paid WordPress themes have different prices depending on the provider’s policy and even the specifications of a given skin . Simple less complex templates can cost a few or a dozen dollars. Others cost from several dozen to even several hundr dollars. Even more expensive accessories are now rare.  themes Primarily regular updates in the form of new functions and bug fixes. access to technical support in case any problems arise greater possibilities of personalization and adapting the theme to your own website Please remember that even purchasing a theme is not the perfect choice.

First make sure the template is safe

As many years of practice show even such solutions may be burden with a lot of errors that make the website work slowly and the template itself is overload with functions and difficult to use. In addition the technical support itself can be questionable Macedonia Email List because it is only available by email. It is also worth remembering that purchasing a template usually gives you access to the above benefits for a year. If you ne support or updates after this time you must renew the license at a similar price. However the theme itself will work all the time. If you choose a free template you ne to be careful and check a few things before you install it.  and does not contain any malicious code that can infect your website or computer.

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What to watch out for in free templates

Secondly avoid installation packages with a free template plac on suspicious websites websites and forums. Verify that the source of the theme is reliable. Be especially careful with any offers of paid plugins distribut for free they may be tempting Macedonia Phone Number but you are not sure what is includ in them. Tip – Each archive with a free plugin or theme should be scann with a good antivirus to avoid infecting your computer. Thirdly check how the template works on the working content. Use tools like Google PageSpe Insights or GTmetrix to make sure your chosen theme runs fast.

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