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Internet is also the result of opening Interestingly such good results are not the result of a constant increase in spe over a decade but of a huge technological boom in – Singapore almost doubl its Internet spe at that time. Secondly LTE is a priority The spe of mobile  the market to other operators in the early s. Despite its small size Singapore has found room for three telecommunications giants and each of them today guarantees the availability of LTE technology at the level of at least % in the case of Singtel it is more than . % of the area. It is plann to disable G Internet access in mainly due to the next generation of devices that use at least G spes.

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Traffic generat from the nd quarter of to today – source Mobile traffic generat from the nd quarter of to today – source Thirdly – at least phones per person Combining the above statistics we have no doubt that Singapore Kazakhstan Email List is a mobile-orient country – over % of residents have a smartphone only % use desktop computers.  that the Asian country is currently the largest mobile market per capita as out of citizens use at least touchscreen devices. Such a large number also translates into the specificity of the e-commerce market which is undergoing a small evolution and adapting to the recipients.

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According to research as many as % of store customers check the offer using a smartphone before making a purchase online or offline and of users Kazakhstan Phone Number only buy online this way. Fourth – mobile traffic What is the data consumption like in this case  transferr over petabytes between each other. Such a number should stimulate the imagination. For comparison Google Maps consists of graphics with a total size of petabytes. However the numbers for should be higher.

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