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The risk-reward financial portfolio adds a third dimension: it is a new way of investing, an opportunity to harness the power of capital while contributing to the betterment of our environment and society. To become an impact investor, it is necessary to identify your financial and impact goals. To avoid ‘greenwashing’, the Algeria Mailing List Knowing the difference between so-called responsible finance, sustainable finance and impact finance is crucial. 3 Criteria for Impact Investors to Identify Investing Goals Becoming an impact investor starts with identifying your investment goals. There are 3 criteria 3.1. Negative Screening: This is a method used by investors to avoid controversial industries that they do not want their money to be associated with. This is the first step to responsible finances, and it often goes beyond financial risks and rewards. This approach weeds out sectors that are at odds with investor values.

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Arms, tobacco, alcohol, pornography or gambling. BF cues Avoiding these industries automatically steers investors into so-called responsible finance. 3.2. Integrating ESG criteria If a company’s ESG management practices are deficient, its future performance may be weakened because Bulk SMS Turkey it is not prepared to be a responsible company. Taking these additional financial criteria into account, it is possible, among other things, to earn the SRI label – Socially Responsible Investment. This means that investors are entering the world of so-called sustainable finance through their sustainable business activities. But sustainable doesn’t mean influential.

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