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Have you ever been through a long, grueling hiring meeting with a candidate who didn’t meet your expectations. The digitization of HR and its “marketing” is indeed a reality, especially for the recruiting part. To help you attract the best talent, we’ve handpicked for you 14 of the top recruitment sites in Reunion Island. It must be effective in order to be able to attract applications in terms of quality and quantity. To do this, you must “market” your human resources, i.e. jobs and cultivate your employer brand (as described in this article) and implement a real talent attraction strategy:

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Your first showcase, so you have to take care of it! If you hire frequently, also consider a Careers or Application tab where you detail your company’s future prospects, your projects, your vision Bulk SMS Indonesia and your values! Don’t forget that your employees must also “carry” the employer brand, as it is the image of your company with potential candidates. Editor’s Note: This method is the one we primarily use. It ensures a steady flow of talented candidates. kings Helps Company Image & Reputation Can Be. Great Candidate

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Applications management of: lists, CRM, etc. It takes method, rigor and time Tools you can use if you are not equipped with BF Leads CRM made services on the market to prepare Their job search, networking with companies, leading or predicting their development. Consultants provide advice and support for their project implementation. Overview of various online job opportunities offers  filters Annual salary of recruiters appearing on social networks Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Reunion has limited offers (150 online so far.

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