You can add more than one login key

You can add more than one login key  After entering your login and password the portal will ask you to use the security key simply insert it into the USB port or touch it to the device if it supports wireless connectivity . This does not mean that every visit to the website will require the use of a security key. You can confirm your login with a key on new devices or browsers. It may not sound optimistic but it is worth having U F keys one with you and the other in a safe place just in case . on one website. Therefore if you lose your main device you can easily log in using the emergency key.

Here are some examples private business

The best security for online accounts application examples With such a secure multistage verification method one would like to protect the most important information including Sweden Email List for example financial data. For now few banks allow you to configure a security key in ebanking. However other popular websites where you process important information do.  Google and Microsoft accounts Facebook Dropbox password managers CMSs development tools Windows macOS Linux devices.

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To combine security with convenience

Do you use services Secure access to your account in the Customer Panel via the mobile application and FA protection in the form of temporary codes generat by the Sweden Phone Number application to confirm login. The service is completely free . See more at . fa How much does a U F security key cost  pay attention to keys that support NFC connectivity. Thanks to this you can use it for example on a computer with a USB plug and wirelessly with a smartphone it should also have an NFC module which you use for example for contactless payments in a store . A popular and cheap model is the Yubico Security Key NFC.

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