As a non-profit organization it promotes

As a non-profit organization it promotes The most important questions What are the most common types of attacks occurring both at work and in private life; What are typical fraud scenarios involving extortion and theft of sensitive data; What to watch out for and how to navigate the Internet safely; company is properly protect against hackers and whether your activities at work do not pose a global threat to it; What preventive actions to take – a catalog of good practices. Our webinar is a dose of necessary knowlge for everyone who actively uses the Internet for private and commercial purposes.

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The information present during the training will be valuable for both employees and their employers who care about cybersecurity in the company. Webinar Cybersecurity at work and in private life – about the presenter Aneta Szczepankiewicz works as Liaison Saudi Arabia Email List Manager at EURid the European Registry of .eu and .ею top-level Internet domains. EURid works with approximately accrit .eu domain registrars around the world.  cyber security on the Internet. Was one of the first registries in the world to introduce the DNSSEC protocol which easily protects websites against going to false and vulnerable websites. EURid also takes action to counteract registrations made in the so-call bad faith and monitors newly register .eu and .ею domains.

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The organization aims to introduce an advanc preventive system bas on artificial intelligence for early detection of suspicious registrations.  webinars Saudi Arabia Phone Number Go to our website . and sign up for the training youSomeone is using your email Check how to secure your company email June | ENTRY UPDAT June E-mail is still the most frequently us tool for exchanging correspondence in the company. Although it is most often associat with simply writing a message and sending.

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