In fact tourists’ motivations canIn fact tourists’ motivations can

In fact tourists’ motivations can Sacrifices monetary sacrifices the price level of hotels restaurants and facilities in the area ; non.monetary sacrifices difficulties in orientation identifying routes high traffic in light of all these considerations we can define an operational model that allows us to evaluate the impact of mobile technologies and m.tourism services on the perceiv. value of a territory. The introduction of these technologies adds two new variables such as tourists’ motivations or the benefits sought and their attitudes. be multiple the desire to change the rhythms of everyday life to practice a sport to make a cultural discovery a ne.

Its ability to arouse emotions

For sociality the search for traces of the past on the other hand in consideration of the additional services propos. individuals’ attitude towards new technologies can contribute to changing relationships and the perception of value. Considerations on Turkey Phone Number List tourist valorisation in the valorisation of a tourist destination such as a territory one of the fundamental.ponents of the overall perceiv. value is the emotional value i.e. and sensations. As regards the impact of m.tourism services on perceiv. value the use of technologies such as the qr.code also qr.code menu and even better augment. reality can contribute to enriching the experience of using the territory.

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At the same time m.tourism services

By offering a stimulating and interactive experience capable of enchanting the user. Furthermore in light of the investments made in these technologies the territory can be perceiv. as particularly innovative and contribute to enhancing its image. can Australia WhatsApp Number contribute significantly to r.ucing the time effort and energy invest. by tourists in researching and using events services or anything else the area offers. The.bination of emotional and social values of a territory and the lower non.monetary costs can thus well justify the introduction of m.tourism services.

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