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If you use vulnerable equipment at Including Toshiba Huawei SuperMicro. GIGABYTE Realtek Semiconductor Getac Phoenix Technologies. EVGA NVIDIA Biostar Micro-Star International MSI ATI Technologies AMD Intel ASUSTeK Computer Insyde ASRock work or at home go to. The manufacturer’s website download and install the latest drivers for your device or software. It is also worth having additional security in the form of antivirus from a reputable supplier which will increase the chance of detecting and neutralizing this type of threats in the future. Malware pre-installed in Android phones Google’s team of cybersecurity experts reported the detection of malware pre-installed on Android phones. The scale of the problem affects over . million devices.

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Faulty software allowed fraudsters to take partial control of the device. The problem was first reported by a security analyst at Google’s Project Zero Maddie Stone who also has extensive experience in Android security.  she pointed out key aspects of the problem of malicious applications pre-installed in the Android system. According to the presentation Kenya Email List some phones have over applications automatically installed even before the user takes them out of the box. The phenomenon described by the analyst is very disturbing. Creators of dangerous applications can easily infect the phones of many more people than is possible with traditional attacks. “Malware is pre-installed on millions of new Android smartphones.

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This is a hidden threat that requires increased attention.Maggie Stone Google Project Zero Security Analyst Creators of dangerous applications target the Android Open Source system and manufacturers of cheap phones willingly use this software Italy Phone Number List to keep the price of the equipment low. Unfortunately the lower price and openness of the system are associated with the risk of reduced protection against threats. A team of Google experts counted over companies producing mobile phones and using the Android system with pre-installed dangerous applications.

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