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We are also partners with other leading publishers such as Shopify, Semrush, Aircall, Ringover, PayPlug, Pandadoc and many more. We have experienced steady growth since 2015. Our market (CRM, sales and marketing automation) will double by 2024. In 2020, one of our clients won 1st national prize for best digital strategy at Inbound Marketing France. In 2021, we won the Digital Talent of the Year award at the NsXE Forum.Value frame customer first build customerCustomers’ success and growth, provide them with the best service, never give up on quality, support transparency and continuous improvement. Work with confidence, too. Rely on competent, professional and reliable employees with values and aspirations.

Help our clients achieve their

goals by providing their audience with the best strategies and the best SAAS tools from sales, marketing and customer relations departments (after-sales service, ticketing, NPS ratings) Method: We will train you on inbound marketing and How we sell. We will apply everything we Bulk SMS Philippines do to our clients to ourselves! Meaning: We use the best tools on the market, including HubSpot, Semrush, Slack, Teamgantt…. We have our settled office, Mac book or PC waiting for you. Measure: We measure just about everything. You can access your performance analytics. We share our successes and areas for improvement. Motivation: You are an integral part of the CSM (Customer Success Manager) department and will receive fixed + variable remuneration based on your profile  value what you bring (+ efficient mutual insurance and provident fund insurance, according to CCN Holiday bonus Syntec Numérique, fees).

Continuous Leader We are the

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First Hubspot agency in DROM and a top 5 agency in France and Spain. BF Lead You, Ideal Profile We are looking for someone (Account Manager/Customer Success Manager type) who can independently manage their own client accounts and service provider partners. He or she must have business, marketing and technical skills. We particularly appreciate the following profiles: Solution-oriented optimism combined with solid resilient self-“common sense”, they BF Leads seek continuous improvement with their attitude to help their clients and our teams (and theirs) succeed.

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