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MOCA location in Saint Denis. Against the background of accelerated recovery of corporate digital transformation, these two themes naturally became the main theme of the sixth session. Demo Video: NXSE Trailer NxSE: Plan 2021 You can download the full NxSE 2021 Plan here. We will find at the NxSE 2021 Forum: Martial Foucault – Holder of the Po Overseas Chair Mikaa Mered – Secretary General of the Po Overseas Chair They will be in charge of presenting “Reunion, Territory of the Future” at the opening morning of the Forum.
About fifteen free sessions will follow in the auditorium

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In fact, 81% of French customers consult online reviews (Trustpilot) before making a purchase, so this is important. Values SMS Gateway Lithuania Framework: “Customer First”: Build customer success and growth, provide them with the best service, never give up on quality, support transparency and continuous improvement. Work with confidence, too. Rely on competent, professional and reliable employees with values and aspirations. Exports account for 35% of our activity in 2021. 3.2.

Nixes 60 well known exhibitors

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Gather at the prestigious MOCA field in Réunion In addition, it is a great pleasure and honor to be part of the 60 participants in the technology sector. Hosting a stand at the MOCA Montgaillard field in number 1 in Reunion Island’s rankingsAgencies and leaders in inbound marketing (automation) and sales (CRM), participation is natural. 3.3 NxSE and MMIO. As we have participated in the last year, the 100% digital version of BF Leads enables us to. Recruit new talent (we are still recruiting junior and experienced consultants, sales account executives) Generate qualified leads Improve. Our visitors will also have the opportunity to use a QR code (the tool is also available here).

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