The best care for your garden in autumn

How to take care of your garden in autumn so that it looks beautiful . Autumn can also be a season full of charm and beauty . The gardens are transformed with the colors of autumn: greens turn orange, yellow, ocher and brown. It is an ideal time to pamper plants and prepare them for winter. Garden care in autumn is essential . So that when the heat of spring arrives, the flowers and fruits are abundant and healthy. The perfect time to transplant Fall gardening has its advantages . It is a perfect time for transplants of species that need more space or changing pots. The fact that there is more humidity means that the soil does not dry out as quickly and the plants can adapt better to their new home in the form of a pot. We recommend that you take advantage of good weather days to do this task.

Be sure to water well after each

Transplant Read here: Decoration to get right in autumn . Garden care in autumn When autumn arrives, the garden is filled with ocher leaves Adjust watering based on weather Another benefit of gardening in the fall is that it rains more often. This means that you will have to water the plants less since . The rain is responsible for hydrating them. To know when to water, you can touch the soil with your fingers and check if Belgium Phone Number Database it is wet or dry. You can also put a plate under the pot and pour the water there: this way the plant will take only what it needs. Plant bulbs for spring Although spring is a long way off, fall is the ideal time to plant the bulbs that will bloom in March. You can choose from many varieties, such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths or crocuses.

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The important thing is that you plant

Them in a place protected from extreme cold and that you keep the soil always moist but without giving rise to puddles. Thus, when spring arrives, your garden will be filled with colors and aromas.  Halloween decoration: cheap ideas for a scary night . Prune to strengthen Pruning is a necessary activity to keep the Iran Phone Number List garden healthy and beautiful. By pruning trees, hedges and bushes you eliminate dry, diseased or damaged parts and encourage the growth of new healthy branches and leaves. It is best to prune the garden in autumn , before winter arrives, to prevent plant remains from freezing or rotting. This way, your garden will be ready to bloom more strongly when the good weather arrives.You can incorporate these colors into your autumn decoration using cushions.

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