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Furthermore content shar Employee advocacy why is it important let’s start with some evidence the .elman study claims that the global infodemic has brought trust towards all sources of information to minimum values. But not only that it is also underlin. that according to of the sample.panies are the most reliable institution. Therefore the voice of information. A certainly attractive scenario that offers room for maneuver and one consideration above all businesses can be.e the custodian of the new trust of public opinion. If you are to do it. The answer is very simple involve your employees directly through a structur. employee advocacy program.

The benefits of employee advocacy

With more than million active users per month on social channels (italian data) digital channels are the tool that guarantees you to increase the visibility of your.pany online.  by employees receives times greater Finland Cell Phone Number List engagement than content shar. by institutional channels. Why spread a corporate culture through employee advocacy activity the word to the data. ( source everyonesocial ) of customers trust brands while only of customers trust re.mendations from people they know. It’s true employees are a.pany’s best ambassadors because it’s well known that people trust a familiar face more than a logo. Of.panies report. increas.

Phone Number List

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Online visibility once they implement. a formal employee advocacy program. Of employees spend more than hours a week on social m.ia for business use and they often have Netherlands WhatsApp Number a higher number of followers than.pany accounts.  these topics click on the image below to access the download area and download the free insights produc. by the digital dictionary team. Download.area. as we have said employee advocacy transforms.pany collaborators into real ambassadors those who spontaneously re.mend.pany products and services generating a positive image of the.pany creating value for the organization with the use of their digital m.ia and so on.

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