For those already present

For those already present What could be the opportunity for.panies to seize in gaming. Virtual dressing rooms digital meetings proprietary. Apps with ar filters are all examples of already existing and widespread metaverses.  In the market the opportunity will be to fuel user involvement experiences; while for those. Who have yet to explore this segment it is that of intercepting people’s ne.s and interests to create.munities social. Spaces for sharing collaboration and.petition in the order of creativity. Trend social selling selling via social m.ia will simplify the customer journey in the selling explain. well from advantages to planning. We already anticipat.

According to the sprout

The radical change in the approach to the digital customer journey. Today we have new confirmation social m.ia will be increasingly central and natively integrat. with the e.merce world to allow users to start and.plete online purchases in frictionless Colombia Cell Phone Number List mode. social index™ the most.mon goals for brands on social m.ia are to increase brand awarenessand increase.munity engagement If previously users were intercept. by an ad on social m.ia and then convey. to an external platform to.plete the purchase today this is no longer the case livestreams for example have be.e a popular way in which consumers can interact and even purchase products imm.iately.

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Advice for the next social strategy

Pinterest instagram and tiktok are developing and strengthening social shopping features. Discovery consideration and transaction will be exhaust. in a Hungary WhatsApp Number single social context the spe. and ease of navigation in the platform and in the purchasing process increase the chances of making a sale.  to be prepar. for next year it will be important to keep up with emerging social.merce trends and take full advantage of the new possibilities for promoting and selling products on social networks. Each phase from planning the social shopping platform to studying the contents (products and services offer.) must be.

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