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The most popular tool for browsing This decline however is not alarming because another statistic is key in this ranking namely the number of active websites.  updat modifi in terms of content etc. In there were million websites and in million. This means that there are million more active websites despite the fact that their total number in the world has decreas by in years. The website activity rate has thus almost doubl. Of course changes in the number of pages are dictat by many factors some of the pages are creat for a short-term project websites are set up on a trial basis to test the business websites can be combin and transferr to one website under one domain.

The positive information

There are changes in the economy higher costs of running a business as a result some companies have to close etc. Historically the largest decline Algeria Email List in website accessibility was record in data from Siteefly i.e. during the financial and economic crises relat to the pandemic. After this period there was stabilization and the differences in the number of websites in the following years did not exce %. from this study is the activity statistics just mention. It means that people who create websites increasingly feel the ne to use them.

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According to data collect

Thanks to the website they will find you on Google Is your company developing dynamically on TikTok and gaining good reach That’s great but that success doesn’t have to last forever. Secondly not everyone in Poland uses TikTok. by Wirtualne Mia in Algeria Phone Number September . million Poles us the Internet . the web was the Google application with a reach of . % . For comparison TikTok boasts a market reach of… % which is over x less than Google. Popularity of the application in Poland in September Popularity of the application in Poland September – source Wirtualne Mia.

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