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The usefulness of the message Customers who receive a professional SMS are receptive, but on one condition: the message provides them with useful information. The recipient appreciates the text message as long as it is a message that helps him build a relationship with the company that helps him provide the service that the latter offers him. Which industries need it most? all ! SMS marketing is suitable for any business, regardless of its industry. If she has customers (and basic information about them: last name, first name, email, phone), then she must have information to communicate with them, and many of them would benefit from being delivered via SMS.


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Applicable to: Automotive: SMS has a wide range, covering marketing aspects (new car launches, private sales invitations, financing offers, used cars) and customer relations (vehicle availability, service reminders, after-sales service follow-up) Retail/local stores: very fond of SMS Bulk SMS Czech Republic campaigns to transmit their commercial offers and to reactivate customers during very specific periods (mother’s day, father’s day, balance, black friday), the communication of the balance Reunion is a key to entrepreneurship land. Various initiatives implemented over the past few years are beginning to bear fruit. Technopole, Startup Weekend, the NxSE show with President Macron and the villages of French tech brands (Digital Réunion, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary) or


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Eelay races of entrepreneurial action to develop our young shoots . With the emergence of Web 2.0 (digitalization BF Leads of services, more advanced and personalized user experience, etc.), a drastic change in consumption patterns (customers learn about websites almost systematically before they buy them), many innovative concept products have appeared in the past few years and in the contact Sales departments compare products and companies with each other before) are numerous factors that favor the creation of these companies locally and nationally. The areas where tester website graders appear the most are clearly data, artificial.

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