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Everything is bas on cloud technology s Larger data space up to tb per user and functions supporting your business such as recording videoconferences on google drive . Not much will change in the application itself and in the principles of operation of e-mail. It’s still the gmail you already know but more professional spacious and creat for companies from every industry. Check out google workspace google workspace mail in summary backup – available delet message is available in the trash for days and then for days only for the administrator email box size – from gb to tb shar for e-mail disk data and photos additional email accounts – yes in the form of licenses purchas separately.

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For each user your own domain in the address – yes attachment size – up to mb larger files are shar with a link from google drive anti-spam protection – available from the email inbox and the google workspace management panel virus Veterinary Email List protection – available additional security – spf dkim dmarc two-step verification microsoft and exchange – e-mail with additional tools microsoft mail is available in several variants and each of them offers a different range of services. It is worth starting your search with the main product which is microsoft .  office and this is largely correct – it is a new name for the same service.

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Microsoft mail for business users – an example of how the outlook application works reliable email with calendar thanks to exchange which is Nigeria WhatsApp Number part of microsoft business. email but also a number of other business applications such as teams messenger word and excel itors and the onrive virtual drive. ynchroniz in real time and makes it easier for companies to work on many levels – from organization and document flow to communication.

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