Even worse this uniformity of content

Even worse this uniformity of content. Regarding this i re.mend reading the following articles on this blog digital marketing kpis web marketing indicators to monitor growth why r.o the website marketing consultancy value promise have you defin. yours august.ments today i want to offer you a game that will help us understand how to exploit the value proposition to generate content of interest to your target audience and exploit it within the website and your online.munication. Let’s try to do it together!  direct.petitors of your business it doesn’t matter whether they occupy the same geographical area the important thing is that they offer a series of services or products similar to yours.

First choose a dozen

Visit the front page of each.petitor you have identifi. copy and paste the first words of each homepage into a word document removing.petitor names now we have a base of contents to work on at this point take a read of the creat. word document it will Paraguay Cell Phone Number List most likely contain sentences like those shown here for over years we have been dealing with highly professional solutions. Strategic approach.  Highly qualifi. staff. Customer orient. we offer ° services! The sentences will probably not differ much from those above perhaps they will be organiz.

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Maximum quality of our product

Differently they will contain some synonyms but the concepts will almost certainly be the same furthermore having remov. the names of the.panies from the word file you will certainly struggle to match the sentences report. here with the Uganda WhatsApp Number site from which it.es. Promise of value this uniformity of content also means that the user has difficulty understanding how one.pany’s offer can be better than another.  and this always identical proposal means that the only choice criterion left to the customer is the price. Think about it if we all offer the same services.

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