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How to attract new potential customers? Activation: How to get them to buy? Revenue: How to increase revenue (cross-sell, up-sell)? Retention: How to retain customers (CRM, membership card, etc.)? Advice: How do you get one customer to bring you another? This coordination between the 3 departments of marketing, sales and customer relations is critical. MMio Flywheel 2022: What is a relevant and targeted digital strategy? A – Inbound marketing or how to capture new leads/prospects Inbound marketing is based on mid/long term content creation strategies to attract visitors to convert them into leads and then into loyal customers thanks to SEO, marketing Technologies such as automation, lead nurturing.
The strategy was born in Boston Mass.

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Improvisation. You must be able to build your marketing strategy upstream and position yourself among your competitors, so as not to lose any conversion opportunities. Internet users who meet you virtually also need quick access to comprehensive information: your product and service recommendations, your prices, your knowledge base and your Bulk SMS Bangladesh customer support…because if they can’t find it online, they will Be able to find them in others! how ? Create (or keep) an updated website for smooth navigation and a good user experience. You want to analyze the health of your website with our website rating tool! On your blog, design regular and interesting content that responds to your audience’s problems and leads them to your solutions, especially through attract/acquisition tactics like inbound marketing.

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that align with your structure and industry (e.g. whether you are targeting professionals (BtoB) or individuals (BtoC), you will not appear on the same channels!), and you have the ability to BF Leads create meaningful Value content! Explore major e-reputation channels (e.g. Google My Business, Tripadvisor, Verified Reviews, Trustpilot, etc.) that will allow you to support the quality of your product/service that your users advocate for! In fact, 81% of French customers consult online reviews (Trustpilot) before making a purchase, so this is important.Values Framework: “Customer First”: Build customer success and growth, provide them with the best service, never give up on quality, support transparency and continuous improvement. Work with confidence, too. Rely on competent, professional and reliable employees with values and aspirations.

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