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You must first optimize your website for natural referencing (Search Engine Optimization – SEO in English). That is to say, work on the positioning of web pages according to the requests of Internet users on Google. Example: A company sells cars in La Réunion and would like to attract Internet users who search for information about SUVs in La Réunion on Google. It must therefore have a page at least optimized for the keyword “SUV La Réunion”. Next, she needs to optimize her site for conversion. An effective website is a site that converts visitors into prospects and then into customers. It is therefore necessary to integrate call-to-action buttons (call-to-action in

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landing pages like this one for example) with forms to fill in to download web content says premium. Don’t panic, I’ll explain it all to you! Content through the blog Inbound Marketing is based on content marketing: writing blog articles for personas (the ideal target) when they Bulk SMS Russia learn about solutions to their problems on the Internet. Example: A Reunionese bank offers home loans and someone types “real estate loan meeting 974”? That’s good, an article on the subject was recently posted: “5 tips for easily getting your mortgage in Reunion”. Social networks to distribute content Social networks are used to distribute blog articles.

They act as a relay of the content

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which makes it possible to amplify and promote the message. Who has never had a breakdown of inspiration for their BF Leads Facebook posts? By having “real content” on a blog whose goal is conversion (i.e. converting its audience into a prospect and then into a customer), organizations finally give meaning to their editorial planning, to their social approach. selling and consistency in their digital strategy.  attracted to the website or blog, the ultimate goal is to convert these Internet users into identified prospects.

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