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Just like individual customers, business owners increasingly want to feel that a business partner understands their problems. Personalization and personal contact make the offer of one company look much more interesting in their eyes than the competition. Therefore, it is a myth that you should have a universal offer, addresse to everyone. It is worth looking for a differentiator that will be remembere by customers – including business ones. Examples of interesting B2B customer acquisition strategies The Wishpond company provides solutions for marketers.

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Uses an interesting lead generation strategy. For his advice-fille articles, he offers free downloadable content: mini e-books, checklists, step by step guides, “100 ideas for…” lists. To receive such a guide, all you nee to do is enter your e-mail phone number list address. Within 10 months of such a campaign, 2,302 marketers decide to do so. Many of them soon reache for the company’s paid product. Another very popular strategy use by debuting brands is free consultations. Some offer 10-minute Skype calls or half-hour advice over the phone.

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If the value of the potential contract is high, it pays to hold even a dozen or so such conversations to find one B2B client. Business owners often do not know how to approach the problem they are facing. They may not want to blindly decide on an BF Leads expensive package of advice. A factual consultation will allow them to find a simple solution alone or to make sure that they really nee specific help. We recommend How to build a premium brand and increase sales? On the web you will find lists of dozens or even hundres of inspirations for acquiring a business client, step-by-step guides and e-books. But do you have time to read them? If not, please contact us . Commplace experts will select ready-made strategies for use in your company.

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