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Conciseness of the message

To provide a better customer experience, TextingHouse (editor of SMS solutions) and MMIO (our agency specializing in marketing and sales automation) are pooling their skills to offer companies a unique and promising solution! Interview with Texting House’s Marketing Manager who tells us more about SMS marketing and this partnership. Why is pro SMS critical to delivering an impeccable customer experience?

The simplicity and immediacy

Of professional SMS make it possible to improve the quality of service provided to customers. Quality is at the heart of the customer experience. 2 key stats prove its impact: SMS campaigns have open rates between 95% and 98% With SMS you can be sure your messages will be received, read SMS Gateway Denmark and considered by your contacts within minutes!  4 minutes is the average time to open an SMS Phone is in your pocket or close at hand most of the time 😉 sms-experience-client has two types of SMS content that can easily illustrate its usefulness: service SMS or CRM you confirm/ Remind your customers of information related to the services you provide: document confirmations, appointment confirmations, passwords, delivery dates, changes, etc. Any useful information that can improve the perceived quality of the services you provide.

The purpose of service SMS is

Buy Bulk SMS Service

Zccompany the customer at every stage of the purchase or post-purchase journey (delivery, after-sales service, etc.) Promotional or Marketing SMS This is a direct marketing action. You remind your customers that you are running promotions, private sales, and specific discounts. We BF Leads are more of a group communication via SMS campaigns. It is important to note 2 essential characteristics of the messages delivered by professional SMS: Conciseness of the message If you have a message to transmit to a customer with a maximum of 300 characters, it has a good chance of being effective and perceived very positively by the recipient. If you have a longer message, you may be using the wrong medium.

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