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Change the name here by default. That the following parameters are set as follows and save the file pvp=true online-mode=true if all the data has been sav. It’s time to start our server . Filename.Sh connection to a minecraft server. The connection requires first adding an appropriate name for the server. So that it is visible in the search engine. Select multiplayer > add server in the game.The field will be empty. This step is enough for you and your friends to join in the fun. But in this case it is worth performing one more operation using ssh commands.

After entering the screen command

In the current variant the server will run until the ssh console is clos. Which is a bad solution When there is a problem with the home internet connection when the connection is broken the game server also turns off . To change this and ensure the Optometrist Accurate Email List server operation even after disabling the ssh console it is necessary to run the command screen . go to the server directory and restart the game server. Cd cd home cd server_directory_name . Filename.Sh thanks to this you can now close the console or use the ctrl + a + d shortcut. To return to the running minecraft server type the command screen -r and that’s all – from now on you can enjoy a functional minecraft.

Job Function Email List

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