As users let’s pay attention to this

As users let’s pay attention to this Pythagorean theorem Eryk Trybulski What to pay attention to What are the basic rules of internet safety Let’s start with the fact that just like on the road we should also follow the principle of limit trust on the Internet. Before visiting any website or link to it let’s follow basic rules of caution. Let’s avoid websites that do not use the . protocol and collect information from the user for example payment card data or personal and login data. Configuring some browsers to force a connection using a secure protocol may help. If it is not there the user will receive a warning. Moreover browsers already warn against websites not secur with the.

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protocol i.e. websites without an SSL certificate.  In most cases an individual user browses the Internet using an account in the system with very high privileges allowing him to install any application or run Dubai Cell Phone Number List a script. Let’s not ignore warnings from antivirus programs that warn us against installing software download from random software websites.  two accounts on your computer – an administrator which we use for example to install only legal and verifi software and an account with low privileges us to browse the Internet.

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I also recommend creating

Almost all of us use Wi-Fi. What about the security of wireless networks Let us remember that in hotels or restaurants we often use the same network Mexico Telegram Number with other people among whom there may be people with malicious intentions and as a result our cybersecurity is at risk. What advice could I give here Of course using a VPN whether on your computer or phone.  of the coin when we provide the Internet ourselves. For example when we are in a public place and share the network wirelessly from our smartphone to be able to connect from a computer.

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