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As a result of the threat the group of heroes Recommend movies starring Liam Neeson An evening action movie on your home screen or maybe a drama to watch together Do you prefer shootings or strong dialogues Liam Neeson guarantees entertainment in many areas so on the list below you will find proposals with more than just chases. Survival One of Neeson’s best films! Survival direct by Joe Carnahan tells the story of eight men who after a plane crash in the heart of Alaska must face harsh conditions and extreme situations to survive. In the icy terrain depriv of contact with the world warm clothing and food each of them must face their own weaknesses and the threat not only from the forces of nature but above.

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All from hungry wolves.  systematically decreases and one of them – torn by a dramatic past and separation from his wife Ottway play by Liam Neeson – decides to take matters into his own hands and save the Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List others. Abduct It’s safe to say that this title mark the beginning of Liam Neeson’s career in action cinema again. Taken is a great thriller in which a father – a retir CIA agent – decides to go toby human traffickers. In the heart of Europe the hero arranges a juicy revenge help by special skills acquir during his career.

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If you don’t know this movie yet watch it without playing the trailer above. And if you want to remember this amazing title – any season will be perfect. Also Bolivia WhatsApp Number autumn! Watch Taken with a CDA Premium Prepaid Card . Abduct  did even better on global markets and gross over $ million. After the incidents in Paris Bryan Mills decides to go on holiday to Istanbul with his family. There however he encounters the family of kidnappers from the first part who want exactly.

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