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Those “fun” leads help grow your business and increase your revenue. How is account-based marketing innovative? If the approach itself is not new, it is an evolution of the old KAM (Key Account Manager, the person responsible for a large account from a commercial but sometimes also a marketing perspective), but ABM hides some practices that could be considered innovative: blogging and Content marketing is used to engage personas during the prospecting, evaluation or decision-making stages Social networking and social selling, especially on What are the benefits of account-based marketing? account-based-marketing-performance The benefits of Account Based Marketing are many: 1. At the HR level: better teamwork When corporate silos are over, ABM can make you more efficient. If defining your


SMART goals is still the first step in

mobilizing your team, then you must bring your sales managers and marketing managers together and let them collaborate. This is crucial if you want to increase sales while optimizing your marketing Bulk SMS Czech Republic strategy. 2. On a financial level: Maximizing ROI According to Marketo (Editor’s note, we use marketing automation software like Hubspot), once sales and marketing teams are aligned, companies can achieve more growth of 19% and additional 15% profitability. Also, research conducted by ITSMA in 2014 tends to confirm this as it shows that ABM produces a higher return on investment than other B2B marketing strategies or tactics. 3. At the marketing level: process personalization

Sending the right message to the right

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person in the right context at the right time. As a reminder, more than 6 people are involved in B2B procurement (Gartner). Everyone (yes, even administrative assistants who influence the final BF Leads decision) must be engaged at every stage of the sales cycle! 4. And Sales: Better measure results (KPIs and performance) By focusing on the essence of your target customers, you can spend more time dissecting and refining the analysis of the effectiveness of your actions. There is nothing better for a “marketer” than to prove your usefulness. They need to measure, prove ROI, and “track” leads (prospects). Great, salespeople need qualified leads! What are the stages of account-based marketing? account-based-marketing-steps.

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