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The first places are naturally. Hence by the way from the english. Abbreviation seo and our russian language terms .seo.seo. A person professionally engaged in search engine optimization of websites etc. So what is .search engine optimization. And where to start with the search engine promotion of your internet resource naturally in this article. We will not be able to reveal all the secrets in detail but we will at least. Try to mention the most important in our opinion aspects.  What is it the answer to this question is simple .a set of measures aimed at increasing the ranking and position of a particular site in search results for a specific search query.

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Did our answer not seem too clear to you okay let’s try to explain what is called .on the fingers. A search query is a single word or phrase phrase that Germany Cell Phone Number List the user enters into the search bar see fig. Search query ricesearch results are an ordered list of all sites that satisfy the user’s request. can provide useful information or services to the searcher according to the search engine the higher the site is located in the search results.  occupied by sites that the search engine considered most relevant to a specific search query.

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Search engine optimization

See fig. Search results ricetherefore search engine promotion is designed to do everything possible to ensure that your site is in these high positions. And for Germany WhatsApp Number this you have to oh a lot of work! .prehensive website promotion in yandex read also .prehensive website promotion in yandex seo promotion search engine optimization of a website – when to start have you heard the parable about raising children they say that one day a man came to a respected sage. Oh sage! He said .today my son was born.

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