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Already then people notice that transport As remote desktop or teleconferencing applications are not new – they have been on the market for several or a dozen years and allow working and providing services remotely. However relatively few companies us this method. However the global Covid crisis has forc many employees to stop work or move it to home.  traffic and the shutdown of the economy had a significant impact on nature. Smog disappear from many metropolises the water in the rivers became cleaner and animals began to regain the land that had been taken from them. Monday in Zakopane . While residents and tourists stay at home there are deer walking around! [Video M. Jakubowska] pic.twitter.

Cornell University join forces

DBr mqlciB — Onet Podróże OnetPodroze April Unfortunately the purity of the water in Venice’s canals does not allow us to quantify and assess the effects of switching to a home office . That’s why Microsoft and scientists from  to try to answer the question AT&T Email List what is the impact of remote work on the carbon footprint of companies and employees Does remote work ruce your carbon footprint In mid-September an exhaustive analysis of data collect by state institutes universities and corporations including Microsoft was publish . A study publish in the renown scientific journal.

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This is not a big discovery

Proceings of the National Academy of Sciences PNAS indicates that remote work cannot eliminate the carbon footprint but can ruce it by up to % . However Belarus WhatsApp Number before we move on to broader conclusions it is necessary to determine where the employee’s carbon footprint comes from. According to the study the main sources of greenhouse gases for stationary and hybrid workers are commuting to the workplace and energy use in the office .  but it allows us to analyze the differences between emissions during stationary and fully remote work.

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