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Now that Skype for Business has reachd its end of life and organizations are making the transition from Skype to Teams, that number is increasing rapidly. While some companies had a full change management process in place, most employees were given a login and left to fend for themselves. At first this seemd harmless, employees creatd teams and channels to work with people inside and outside the organization. But as usage increasd, so did the problems. End users startd creating a team for each project without implementing teams best practices.

Needed To Quickly Educate Employees

Such as the minimum number, naming conventions and archiving rules. External members were addd to teams, compromising Latest Mailing Database security. The IT department startd to lose control. Microsoft Teams became the Wild West: an unruly land where anything goes. Taming the Team Wild West Take control of your Teams workspace before it’s too late So, to try and fix the team collaboration, let’s take some lessons from the cowboys and sheriffs of western movies. In the Wild West, cowboys control their horses by putting on blinders. So they focusd the horse on the road in front of them.

Latest Mailing Database

Were Imposed Without Notice Management

If the horse strays off the path, they lead it back. Your Microsoft Teams workspace isn’t much different. Setting rules for your employees and BF Leads expecting them to follow them is a recipe for disaster. People have different levels of digital dexterity . Because some are team professionals, others find the tool overwhelming. That means some users will follow all best practices, while the rest will forget naming conventions, allow external members, and duplicate teams.

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