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Taking into account the requirements

Taking into account the requirements Participating in the online game but also on the very purpose of the game Рthe scale of building the map itself.  it is worth basing your choice on a more powerful configuration that will meet the challenges at an advanc stage of the game. Remember that in the case of Minecraft it is very difficult to prict the growing demand for server resources because changes occur dynamically during gameplay. However if you plan to run a server for several dozen or even + players it is worth using a solution with greater computing power i.e. a dicat server.

Minecraft may require about

What should a VPS server contain to provide you and your friends with comfort while playing world creation First of all choose a configuration Japan Cell Phone Number List that has adequate RAM РMinecraft requires approximately MB RAM at the very start although this only applies to the server where one user plays. Taking into account additional players such a configuration must be bas on a minimum of GB RAM. has a large disk space Рwith about players  GB of space. Also remember about possible backups of server data which requires additional gigabytes on the disk.

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GB for comfortable gameplay

Therefore the VPS server should have at least – with several or a dozen players. uses a high-bandwidth connection – many Minecraft users set up their first game server on their home connection which largely limits the fun to a maximum of – players. When Thailand Telegram Number the number is larger there are noticeable delays due to low data upload and the gameplay ceases to be enjoyable. In the case of dicat servers or VPS you have a connection with much better bandwidth. With a larger number of participants it is worth having at least – Mbit s when sending data.

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